Fresh Spartment

This project is a modern and fresh apartment we built for a family of three. It is mainly light-colored and transparent, and the overall feeling is comfortable and natural.这次的项目是我们为一家三口打造的现代清新公寓。以浅色、通透的感觉为主,整体感觉是舒服的、自然的。
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This is a two-story modern and fresh apartment. The living room breaks the traditional form of TV and TV cabinet. The staircase on the second floor is used as decoration. The line of the cross section of the staircase makes the whole wall more jumping, not so dull. Wood and stone are used more in the whole space, hoping to express the feeling close to nature more.这是一个两层的现代清新公寓,客厅打破了传统的电视、电视柜的形式,用二楼的楼梯作为装饰,楼梯横截面的线条感让整个墙面更跳跃,没那么呆板。整个空间中对木材、石材的使用较多,希望能更多表达贴近自然的感觉。
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The "big flowers and greens" used in the bathroom and kitchen well embellish the space with little color in the space, and play the effect of guiding the main color.而在卫生间、厨房使用的“大花绿”,则在空间中很好点缀了本就色彩不多的空间,起到引导主色调的效果。
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The most pleasant surprise on the second floor is the empty space and super storage function. Because the master bedroom and children's room are on the first floor, the second floor is more of an entertainment function, and the entire space can be described as "empty". The projection hall is the cooler in the entire space, basically replacing the function of the "living room", inviting friends or children to come and play, it is a good place to entertain and relax.第二层最让人惊喜感是空旷的空间,以及超强的储物功能。因为主卧、儿童房都在一楼,所以二楼更多的是娱乐功能,整个空间可以用“空旷”形容。放映厅是整个空间中比较酷的,基本代替了“客厅”的功能,邀请好友或者小朋友们过来玩,是一个很好娱乐放松的地方。
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