Pudong Villa

Celebrity's home decoration is always receiving much attention. When it comes to the decoration of the Kardashian family, many people's first impressions are the Kim Kardashian homes that were frequently searched before. However, the ultimate blank is shocking, but the cost-effectiveness of the use is too harsh. We think that among the Kardashian family of sisters, the Kourtney Kardashian house with the least gossip is more practical. It not only includes the characteristics of nature, warmth, roughness, and wood in the American decoration, but also has a strong opening. Sexuality and inclusiveness are also reference models given to us by the owners this time. Perhaps they are related to their experience of staying in the United States. In our view, they are also very guiding.
名流的家装总是备受关注,谈到卡戴珊家族的装修,许多人的第一印象都是之前频上热搜的Kim Kardashian家。然而,极致的留白虽震撼,但使用的性价比却过分苛刻了些。我们认为在卡戴珊家族的一众姐妹中,八卦最少的Kourtney Kardashian家装修更为实用些,不仅包含了美式装修中自然、温暖、粗狂、木质的几个特点,且具有较强的开放性和包容性,也是这次业主给我们的参考范本,或许与他们常居美国的经历有关,在我们看来也是非常具有导向性的。
When planning the space, we consider how to meet the needs of each family member. The entire villa project is divided into three floors, and the moving lines and zoning of each floor are clear and clear: the first floor serves as a public leisure and dining area; the second floor serves as the owner ’s daughter ’s main living space, and controls her "The label creates a fitness area; the master bedroom suite on the third floor as the owner's couple is relatively relaxed and comfortable, and also includes a garden. The entire design not only has interaction between family members, but also a relatively independent space for each family member.
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When we are completing a design, materials are essential expressions. Referring to the wall style of Kardashian's house, we chose a large area of artistic paint as the background, natural and full of texture. At the same time, the corners of the travertine staircase and the wall are rounded to neutralize the sharpness of the building itself, making the living space more gentle and harmonious.当我们在完成某个设计时,材料是必不可少的表达。参考Kardashian家的墙面风格,我们选择了大面积的艺术漆作为背景,自然而充满肌理感。同时,洞石楼梯和墙面转角均采用了圆角形式,中和了建筑本身的锐感,使居住空间更加温和协调。
The true interaction and experience of family and space is worth remembering. All kinds of things can happen and share at the same time in the "home" space, and have their own specific place and atmosphere. What designers need to do is to understand and design such an atmosphere.家人与空间真切的互动、体验是值得被铭记的。各类的事情都可以在“家”这个空间里同时发生、共享,并拥有自己特定的场所与氛围。设计师需要做的,正是理解、设计这样的氛围需求。
We often use “vital” materials such as logs, stone, leather, brass, etc.-they will show changes in life as we use them. In this design, the designer chose a cement tile that grows with time. It feels very gentle and harmonious with the color of the kitchen.我们常常使用原木、石材、皮革、黄铜等“富有生命力”的材料——它们会随着使用呈现出生活的变化。在这个设计中,设计师选择了与时间同步成长的水泥花砖,摸上去非常温润,跟厨房的颜色搭配也很协调。
We hope that every inch of space and every item in the home will have a bit of time and precipitation, "just like the classic design of the Middle Ages, it will last forever." Sufficient storage space also makes life rich and orderly.我们希望家里的每一寸空间、每一个物品,都有光阴的点滴与沉淀,“就像中古时期的经典设计一样历久弥新”。充分的储物空间,也使生活变得丰富且有序。
Not only is there very transparent lighting in the space, the designer has also created a unique hollow tile on the opposite wall (double-layer tile, inlaid with glass in the middle, to ensure sound insulation and privacy), allowing light and shadow to blend with concrete .空间中不仅有十分通透的采光,设计师还在与之相对的墙面上创造了一道别具一格的镂空花砖(双层花砖,中间镶嵌玻璃,保证隔音及私密性),让光影与混凝土相交融。
In addition to the design of the cabinet door, the material can also be ingenious. The rattan cabinet doors are reflected in the recent two sets of villa projects. They are natural, low-key and have a texture.柜门除了在尺寸上做设计,材质上也可以别出心裁。藤编柜门在最近两套别墅项目中都有所体现,自然、低调而有质感,非常受喜爱浅色系的女业主们欢迎。