Livable Home

Relaxation is the first impression of this new work. It seems to have taken an ordinary white and wood tone. It is undisputed and particularly "Buddhist", but whenever a new client sees this work, the voice is surprisingly high.
Maybe, the designer has just grasped the sense of belonging left by the fast-paced life of the urban people. Using a truly comfortable, warm and quality home to give them a spiritual shelter is also the best medicine to heal themselves. If you nest in such a house, you will feel full of security.

The whole house can be roughly divided into two areas. The external space integrates the functions of the living room, dining room and kitchen, and is mainly used for socializing, leisure and cooking. The internal space is composed of bedrooms, interiors and cloakrooms, ensuring the privacy of the owner's life .

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Although the area of this house is not very large in historical works, the open design gives this space more possibilities, and it is also a trend in the future design of modern houses.尽管在历来的作品中,这个房子的面积不算很大,但开放式的设计,赋予了这个空间更多可能性,也是现代住宅在未来设计中的一个趋势。
We extend in a high-level direction. In terms of materials, both the roughness of the cement is retained and the warmth of the maple is integrated. The soft outfit is mainly gray and white with a low-key and beautiful appearance.我们以高级方向做延伸,在用材方面,既保留了水泥的粗狂,又融入了枫木的温暖。软装以低调耐看的灰白色系为主,轻柔软糯,抚平紧张感。
The connotation of home is constantly changing. The boundaries between the interior and exterior of the kitchen are gradually blurred. People are beginning to accept and get used to bringing the activities of external space into the kitchen. Designers are good at modular and combined design advantages, which make the kitchen operating space Very spacious.家的内涵在不断发生变化,厨房内外的界限正在逐渐模糊,人们开始接纳并习惯于把外部空间的活动带到厨房里来,设计师擅长模块化和组合式的设计优势,使得厨房的操作空间非常宽敞。