Ocean Loft

The two windows serve as the main light source entrance, and the bay window design is reminiscent of the sunshine and sea breeze of Santorini, refreshing and comfortable. The storage cabinet is not full, and the occasional empty cabinet can not only store accessories and debris, but also an amusement park reserved for kittens and oil beans is also a great choice! I want to reveal here. In the early stage of the design, the designer could have three plans for the design of the two windows: balcony, bay window and full opening. After repeated tangles and repeated discussions with the owner, he decided to use the most “Buddhist” bay window , Not only can meet the owner's usual reading hobby, but also a great place to walk the cat.
The design of the dressing table combined with the open wall cabinet is not only easy to store, but also brings more convenience to the busy life of young people. The pink metal seats are more playful and energetic in the off-white main tone. Together with the wooden interior, the whole space becomes warmer and more intimate.
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The classic and beautiful terrazzo dining table acts as a small bar. When the linear chandelier on the ceiling pours down, the light beam hits the table, creating a romantic dining atmosphere for the little couple (such as weekend evenings, they can Sit here and open a bottle of red wine, DIY a candlelight dinner).经典美观的水磨石餐桌充当了小吧台的角色,当天花板上的线条式吊灯倾泻而下时,光束打在桌面上,为这对小情侣营造了一个浪漫的用餐氛围(比如周末的晚上,他们可以坐在这里开一瓶红酒,DIY一顿烛光晚餐)。