Japanese-Style Home

The owner, Mr. Yin, is engaged in the tourism industry. He can be said to be a half-expert in various types of housing, but he has a preference for Japanese style. He wants to make a second-hand house with a good skeleton but old facilities. Renovated into a new home. I have been to Sapporo, which is a rare inland city in Japan. Unlike other cities, it is famous for snow in winter and cool under acacia trees in summer. We borrowed from local style.
The first impression that Japan gives people is that the mountains are green, dark green, fresh in summer, warm in winter, close to nature but harmonious. The large area of maple holes on the entrance wall is based on the designer The design given by the owner for the first impression of Japan, full storage space, cabinet layouts of different sizes meet different storage spaces. It will cause visual obstruction to the solid wall surface, so it is impossible to control the amount of light incident. In order to solve this problem, the designer "digs" a new rectangular space in the limited space of the floor and ceiling. The design of the cement grid screen is integrated with the natural level of the site, connecting the porch, living room and top floor of the house with the overall space, so that the house can expand the visual effect without using a solid wall.
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The wall water ripple effect wainscoting board adds a pleasant and relaxing dining environment. Simple horizontal bar lights and glass-framed kitchen doors make the overall dining space more transparent. The custom-made Japanese-style dining table and chairs are inspired by the smooth peaks of Sapporo and natural wood materials.墙面水波纹效果护墙板,增加一种愉悦轻松的就餐环境,简约的横条行灯具与玻璃框型厨房门使得整体餐厅空间更加通透明亮。定制的日式餐桌与餐椅,流畅的线条灵感来源于札幌连绵的山峰与自然的木质材料。